Airplane Mode: Take-off That Lazy

I’m currently typing away at 30,000 feet, a few weeks ahead of when this blog post is going live. I’m on a red-eye flight, cruising above millions of people sleeping peacefully below. Way below.   I can’t think about it for too long, or it really starts to freak me out. So, I’ll make it short and sweet and then try to get some shut-eye. 

And might I add that sleeping on an airplane is like learning to drive stick; you shift uncomfortably for a few minutes and then call it quits.


Do Your Civic Duty

There are really only two times I put my phone on airplane mode. The first is when I’m on a plane (duh).

It’s your civic duty to put that bad boy on airplane mode when flying…

Okay, okay, I can hear your protests from here. Did I mention I’m at 30,000 feet? Pipe down would you? You might wake the baby two rows up.


Yes, I have no idea why we can’t play candy crush while taking off. Somehow smashing those little colorful candies can blow up the engine. Call it magic. Call it whatever you like. Just don’t be that guy or gal. Or if you’re going to do it, go fly United, alright? (shots fired).


Do Yourself a Favor

There is nothing that kills productivity like the internet. It’s a big black hole of information and entertainment. Don’t get sucked in. I’m counting it as a blessing that the Wi-Fi on our flight isn’t working right now. I got some writing done.  Now, I’m working on a blog post.

In essence, the internet is where we often go to live other people’s lives. We watch Snapchat stories, give a like (or 50) on Instagram and read an inflammatory Facebook post.

This is not being present. It’s hard to be productive when you’re not living in the here and now. The Internet is a huge fat switch. It’s hard to turn off, but you owe it to yourself to jump on that lever. And when you’re on airplane mode, make sure you don’t switch on that Wi-Fi…

Also, think about the people that really care about you. Ask yourself, are they present when they’re with you? The people in my life disconnect from the interweb and connect with the life and blood person seated in front of them.

I love Instagram.  Facebook is pretty cool too, and I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve spent way too much time reading through the comments on viral videos of cats. All I’m saying is be aware of how you spend your time. If you add up all the time you spend connected, my guess is you would be very surprised.  I doubt we’ll look back on our lives one day and say, “Man, I’m really glad I spent 5,000 hours on Snapchat.”

So put on airplane mode and take-off from lazyland. Next stop, Productive city, population–YOU!Unknown.jpeg

Yea, I can be corny, but maybe I’m just sleep deprived.





Comment Below: When are you most prone to hop on the internet? Switch those ten minutes into a productive ten minutes. That’s over an hour a week.


Music at time of Writing : I Won’t Let You Go by Snow Patrol


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