Say the Truth: Wisdom from Neo

“Say the truth that you’re carrying in your heart like hidden treasure.” –Keanu Reeves

That’s some Neo-type wisdom from the actor who gave us The Matrix… and… a whole lot of other movies.

For some reason this quote really grabbed me when I first read it.  We all hear  numerous quotes, and we are guaranteed to see a few on social media if you scroll through the perpetual newsfeed.  But I wanted to share this quote.

I believe it is beginning to capture, or peel away at something that is very universal to us all.  We want to express our personal truths; our experiences, desires, and needs.  However, there are barriers that prevent us from doing so.  Two come to mind…

We Fear Truth

We fear truth: that we wronged someone, that we love someone, that we aren’t as strong as we pretend to be.  This fear acts like a gravedigger, burying our truths deep within us, where they are safe.  Safe to rot and fester.

And at the end of this line of thinking; perhaps we fear rejection most of all.  That “speaking our truths” will only lead to our eventual rejection.  Maybe no one will understand our truths?

But truth is only beautiful when it is put on a hill, a light to shine unto others.  It gives us a shared experience, whether that is love, pain, loss, joy.  A buried truth is a missed opportunity, a bird that never learns to fly.

This is why I love sunsets.  They are truly beautiful, universally beautiful.  In a sense, they are easy.  I see the beauty.  You see the beauty.  Isn’t there something special about sharing a sunset with someone, knowing that this moment was meant for you, that you are both on the same page of the same beautiful book?

This was a sunset I experienced while visiting my brother in Santa Monica, CA.  I’d love to share it with you.

We are Searching for Truth

Sometimes it is hard to search for our truths, to unearth all the dark and disturbing parts of who we are, what we think, and what we do.  But, there are always slimmers of beauty.

This is why I love writing.  I love looking for a moving story, a character’s action that reveals a message we can all relate to and smacks us in the gut.  For what are powerful stories, but vehicles that reveal important truths.  What is art, but truth splashed across a canvas or clay sculpted with fine hands.  Is it not a photograph of two lovers caught in each others embrace?

But we have to search within ourselves to find these truths.  Often, they are both found and expressed through art, drama, writing, photography.  They can also be found in a comforting hug a teacher gives to a student, or a businessman who feeds a family.  Sometimes it is just a listening ear.  Truth is not always pretty, hence the saying “a hard truth”, but we know it when we see it.

The thing is, we have to search within ourself to find what’s meaningful to us, what our heart desires to share.  Then we must speak it, for truth does not like to stay hidden.

So don’t keep it hidden.  Don’t let it rot and fester.  Unearth the buried treasure.  Set it on a hill to catch the light, beautiful coins glimmering in the sunset.  Take from the overflow and give to those around you.  You’ll find your truths, and they’ll find theirs as well.  What a gift to give.


4 Replies to “Say the Truth: Wisdom from Neo”

  1. Ben, thank you for your insightful thoughts on truth. I agree that truth, even hard truth about ourselves, needs to be spoken. When we speak a hard truth about ourselves to a “trusted other,” it loses its power over us.

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