The Privilege of Telling a Story

I’m upset because I’ve already failed.  These words can’t hold the weight: they can’t hold the power of a truly good story.  They’re descriptive, confined to a box we scroll through with our finger.  A blog post never feels as if it’s fully accomplished it’s goal.  And that’s why I’m not passionate about being a blogger.  There’s room for a powerful story, but that’s not its main intention.  That’s not its purpose.

But more and more I want to tell a compelling story.  It’s a gift.  Not a gift I have, but a privilege; something I hope to do very well someday.

I watched a powerful movie a few nights ago, made even more powerful because of the conversation that ensued.  That movie was Lion, a movie I have actually reviewed on this blog a few months ago.

I’d encourage you to check it out:   

This movie is powerful, which is an underwhelming adjective to describe such a moving story.  I think my friends would agree with this sentiment, as we entered into a lively discussion on adoption, trauma, family hardship, and ultimately what can we do about it.  Or rather, the lack of what we can do about it.  Those thoughts still wriggle in my stomach as I write now.

I love the power in a story.  I want to be a medium for that power; to see it realized in the quickened heart beat of a friend, in their tears, and especially in what they hope for.  A story is raw power.  It’s a wave crashing on the sand. Sometimes it’s pure inspiration.

It’s a privilege to tell a story, in any form, and an amazing feat to do it well.  A story can change a mind and resonate in one’s spirit. It can even heal a dark place where someone has given up hope.

We tell stories to relate to one another—to feel alive and connect with those around us.  Is that not what we’re here for?  We’re made to tell stories.  It’s natural.

Something within us wills us to pass along a story.  It allows us to feel closer to one another, all while gaining a better understanding of our own existence.  I am blessed.  And I’m blessed to be a blessing.

Telling a story is a privilege. 

And remember that receiving one is too. 



2 Replies to “The Privilege of Telling a Story”

  1. Thanks so much for your writing. It really is good…

    I envy you so much in that you have the opportunity to talk with people about things you feel passionate about.

    Will be waiting anxiously for that story of yours, brother.


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