Screenwriting for Dummies???

Why is it so hard to finish one project?

At some point during the creative process of writing a book you’re going to get bogged down.  I’m at that point.  I’m in the final 10,000 words or so but my mind is already thinking of the next idea.

Do I spend countless hours editing and pruning my first draft to make it at least semi-enjoyable, or do I move onto the next project and hope I’ve learned a lot from my first big WIP (work in progress)?

I’ve recently been really curious about a new idea, a sort of Stephen King/Stranger Things story about young boy in a small town.  Of course, this town isn’t your average small town.


I’m excited about this idea and I still have a TON to flesh out.  Right now I mostly just have a premise, but I’m excited to see where it goes.

Next I have to decide if this story fits best in book format or as a movie script/television script.  Hopefully this becomes more clear as the plot lines and characters develop.

Anyone have any advice if I decide to go ahead and write a script? Any books to read? 


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