Book Review: A Man Called Ove

I can’t praise this book enough and would recommend it to anyone.  It was incredibly moving, well-written, and deals with the issues of loss, love and death.  Issues we all must face.

A book about a disgruntled old man who is stuck in his ways, and living in a changing world–who wouldn’t want to read that?!

At first glance, A Man Called Ove, by Fredrik Backman would seem to be a book about very little.  Where is the action driven plot?  Or the exciting twists?

In fact, exciting plot, effective dialogue and even some twists are present, but the entire story is driven by character.

Ove, is a disgruntled old man who is completely stuck in his ways and angry at the world.  That is until a young family moves in next door and runs over his mailbox with a moving truck.  That’s when the fun starts…

A Man Called Ove is as heartwarming as it is excellently crafted.  The audience gets to experience Ove’s character in present comical situations (like buying an Ipad), while also getting a healthy does of flashbacks.  It’s incredible to experience Ove’s past as it is juxtaposed next to the decisions he is making in the present.  We gain insight into his disgruntled nature, and ultimately what causes him to change in the present.

It’s beautiful to have such an immersive experience with such a funny and interesting character like Ove.

Not to mention there are so many excellent quotes throughout:

“We always think there’s enough time to do things with other people. Time to say things to them. And then something happens and then we stand there holding on to words like ‘if’.”

“He went through life with his hands firmly shoved into his pockets. She danced.”

“But sorrow is unreliable in that way. When people don’t share it there’s a good chance that it will drive them apart instead.”

This is just a taste of some of the incredible writing and moving thoughts in A Man Called Ove.  It is difficult to fully appreciate them out of context, but I hope you get a chance to read it! Did i forget to mention it is an international best seller, written by a Swedish author?



Other News: Tribe Draft 1 is Finished!!!

So last week I missed my weekly post because I was at a wedding all day so I’m doing double duty right now.  I finished the first draft of Tribe, my first person alternate world fantasy following Jax Baden as he competes in a series of trials for the safety of his people.


That being said, it is obviously not near the quality I would like.  I am now debating editing this draft, or moving onto another idea I have, taking what I learned and applying it to this second novel idea.

A future post will likely point out a few things I learned through this process.

I think I might tuck Tribe away, perhaps to come out at a later date.

Anyways, cheers to finishing.  Cheers to meeting my goal of 70,000 words and a finished first draft in 2017.  I’m excited to see what 2018 brings and how I continue to improve on my craft.

Thank you for the support!



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