Writing Goals for 2018- Let’s Rock

It’s been awhile, but I’m back and ready to rock.

2017 brought the completion of one major writing goal I’ve always had; to write a book.  That process has helped propel me to this next writing goal.

To write a second book and publish it in some format 😉

My Writing Goals for 2018

  1. Write a rough draft for a second book after reading the The Anatomy of Story, by John Truby.
  2. Send out my rough draft to beta readers before the end of the year/ potentially hire a copy editor.
  3. Continue to regularly post here on my blog!g1390520922195385543.png

The first book I wrote was a fantasy young adult novel called Tribe.  Throughout the process I learned the importance of extensive outlining.  As structure problems arose throughout the book, it became hard to continue moving forward when things felt broken earlier in the story.  For that reason, I am setting that book aside and moving onto a new project.  Maybe Tribe will see the light again one day.

My next novel, Sculpt (working title) will be a mystery/thriller with a Stranger Things/Stephen King feel to it.  At least that is the goal!

As I’m reading The Anatomy of Story, I’m learning so much about character, plot, and story structure in general.

My biggest takeaway so far is that extensive outlining doesn’t limit the creative process but gives you a jumping off point.  It allows me to explore my characters and plot, while always having a home base to come back too.  if I know where my story will end up, I can explore all areas, always knowing where I want to get back to.  I’m excited to see how this approach works.

That’s all for now!  This writing passion keeps  me on my toes and challenging me in fresh ways.  I’m thankful for all of the support and people that push me and encourage me along the way.


Me (left) with my bro (right) this past summer.  We love talking about the power of gripping stories!



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