About Ben

When Ben was twelve he read a book called Eragon, a fantasy story written by Christopher Paolini .  Maybe you’ve heard of it?  Imagine a young teenage boy riding a dragon into combat, all while using magic, and you can understand why a 12 year old boy loved it so much.

This book changed the way Ben thought about writing and he decided then and there that he wanted to write a book someday.  He hopes that his stories encourage people to read and that it leaves others inspired to tell their own stories in meaningful ways.  This is why Ben writes.

Today he is working on a manuscript for what he hopes to be his first novel, a young adult fantasy coming of age story. Prepare to join Ben in the trenches of commitment , in the painful troughs of rejection, and the in the exhilarating crests of new successes.

The posts should be a blast, they should be short, and hopefully you find them pretty sweet too.

Cool Beans,